NIH Library Services Point of Contact

Point of Contact

Points of Contact facilitate the information requests, projects, and other library services for Institutes and Centers. View the list below to find your Point of Contact.

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NIH Institutes and Centers

Institute Name
​Point of Contact
NCI - CCR ( Center for Cancer Research) ​Judy Welsh
​​NCI - DCEG (Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics)
Judy Welsh
NCI - Extramural Holly Thompson
NCI - Office of the Director​ Barbara Brandys​​
​Lonelyss Charles
Lisa Federer
Karen Smith
Lonelyss Charles

Karen Smith


​NIAID Bradley Otterson 
Cindy Clark
NIBIB Josh Duberman
Barbara Brandys
Medha Bhagwat

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson
Diane Cooper
Stephanie Holmgren
​NIGMS Cindy Clark
Nancy Terry
Doug Joubert
Ya-Ling Lu
Alicia Livinski
​NLM Bradley Otterson


Center Name
​Point of Contact
​CIT Bradley Otterson
​CC Diane Cooper
Christopher Belter
Alicia Livinski
NCCIH Nancy Terry
Josh Duberman