NIH Library Services

Library Services

NIH Library services have been developed specifically for affiliated users, to help you efficiently acquire and manage the information you need. Optimize your research efforts with thorough searches, accurate translations, automatic updates, timely electronic and printed document delivery, and expert resources assistance.
​​ 3D Printing

NIH staff has access to two 3D printers, a 3D scanner, and open source and licensed modeling software through the Technology Sandbox (located in the main Reading Room).

Bibliometrics Program

The Library’s bibliometric services program helps you understand and evaluate the publications produced by individuals, institutes, and grant programs at NIH and around the world.

Bioinformatics Program

The NIH Library's Bioinformatics Support Program was developed to provide researchers with powerful tools to analyze and understand the biological significance of a variety of data.

Custom Information Solutions

Improve your reprint and citation databases. Let the NIH Library help you develop your own databases for quicker and easier retrieval from your collections.

Data Services Program

Information about data services available at the NIH Library, plus training materials on data management and other data science topics.

HSRL / HHS Informationists

Agency specific login links for HSRL Informationist Customers and informationist contact information.

A special liaison or librarian-in-context program that augments your information resources, saves you and your staff time, and most importantly, enhances the quality of research and patient care.

Locked Carrels

The NIH Library provides locked carrels for use by NIH staff. These secure carrels provide a place to focus away from the office and lab.

Point of Contact

Points of Contact facilitate the information requests, projects, and other library services for Institutes and Centers. View the list to find your Point of Contact.

PubMed Central Submission

Library staff can help you submit your peer-reviewed manuscripts, accepted for journal publication, to PubMed Central.

Self Service Photocopy

The Library provides a free self-service color copier for NIH staff, other federal government employees, and Clinical Center patients and their families with an NIH identification card.

Wired or Wireless Connection

Choose to use the wired or wireless network in the NIH Library. Private lockable study carrels are available for wired users.

Writing Center

Supporting manuscript preparation and publication efforts of NIH researchers and scientists through a collection of online and in-library resources, tools, editorial consulting, and training opportunities.

Ask A Librarian

Submit your question via an email form. You may expect a response within one business day.

Bioinformatics Consult

The program staff offers a depth and breadth of experience ranging from understanding the work and needs of a bench scientist to performing sophisticated data analysis and programming.

Editing Service

Receive assistance from Writing Center editors when preparing your manuscript for publication.

Loansome Doc / PubMed Delivery

PubMed's Loansome Doc service allows you to order articles through PubMed. The NIH Library receives your requests and emails the documents to you. Complete this form to begin the registration process.

Order Articles, Books, and Documents

Request books, articles, patents, proceedings, technical reports and audiovisuals from other libraries.

Request a Literature Search

NIH Librarians will conduct a thorough search that can include specialty databases not publicly available. Animal welfare, chemical structure, and protocol support are a few of the specialized searches you may request. Any costs associated with pay-per-use databases will be charged back to the customer.

Suggest A Resource

The Library invites suggestions for the acquisition of books, journals, and online resources.


Translations, including oral and written translations of materials required to carry out NIH programs, are provided for all NIH staff holding a current NIH ID with Library privileges.


Individual or group instructional sessions on topics ranging from database search techniques to efficient use of reference management software. Each tutorial is tailored to meet the needs of the researcher or staff member requesting assistance. Sessions may be held at the NIH Library, labs, offices, conference rooms or virtually.