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Custom Information Solutions

The NIH Library provides ready access to thousands of resources, so much that it may be difficult to find the best resources for your research needs. A customized database or Web site can enhance your group's access to information by serving as a focal point related to your research.

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Watch the YouTube video about the IADRP project

The NIH Library's Custom Information Solutions group can provide (for a fee) a number of customizations to best meet your needs, including:

  • extensive experience in digitizing and making available public materials (government produced publications without copyright) through a partnership with the Internet Archive - This low cost option has already resulted in nearly a thousand volumes from the NIH Library, mostly NIH-issued Annual Reports, being made available to the public at The NIH Library is currently in a partnership with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to digitize all publicly available materials from it's print collection (over a thousand items to date), available at The library is also able to provide consultation and assist with evaluation of multiple commercial digitization/indexing firms to assist with digitization of non-public materials.

  • building on the contractual relationship that the library has with all of the major bibliographic data providers such as Elsevier's Scopus database or Thomson Reuters Web of Science database, we have created a guide to API and Batch Access to bibliographic databases. The library is also able to support NIH in purchasing large blocks of bibliographic data from these firms. One example of how the library leverages the APIs is our Code-for-Librarians effort.

  • merging expertise with bibliographic sources with grant funding to create evaluative tools to help grant managers to manage their disease research portfolios. The NIH Library is able to provide consulting and evaluations of various commercial tools available to provide bibliographic portfolio analysis. In addition, recent efforts have been leveraging the power of the open source CMS Drupal to build custom disease-specific portfolio analysis web sites. Most notably is the NIH Director's award winning effort with the National Institute on Aging (NIA) called the International Alzheimer's Disease Research Portfolio (IADRP). In addition, the Library has held workshops on the topic and recorded the presentations at

  • building upon the flexibility of the open source Drupal CMS, the library also creates virtual collaboration spaces, or "Virtual Research Environments" on a specific topic or set of information. The most notable project to date is a joint effort with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to build the Pandemic Influenza Digital Archive (PIDA).

For more information, or to arrange a free consultation with a librarian, contact James King at (301) 496-2187 or by email.