Medha: You are a star. The evaluations from your side are terrific. Our course evaluations are just as good, or maybe better. These are the best scores we have seen for this topic. Congratulations. And thank you very much for coming to the reception. The applause the class gave you warmed my heart. My best and we’ll be calling you in 2012!

Jeff Witherly, PhD
Senior Advisor, Education and Community Involvement Branch, National Human Genome Research Institute

As students, we come to the NIH to try to learn or even just ape the habits and practices of renown scientists from every corner of the Earth. Usually, we do this by unobtrusive observation. But, every now and then, one these giants of research, over whose shoulders we hope to occasionally gain a peek, will stoop down to scoop us up and hoist us onto their towering shoulders to personally share the breathtaking vantage of the research landscape of their vision. Dr. Bhagwat has done this for me, and my gratitude reaches as far as her generosity and patience. Dr. Bhagwat presents with brilliant clarity a portal into the future in which the individual bricks of knowledge we each come here to shape are laid side by side in functional, meaningful integration. We are indebted to her as individuals and as a collective, for patiently training our sights onto this horizon.

Noreen Rana
Fellow, Molecular Physiology and Therapeutics Branch, National Institute of Dental And Craniofacial Research

I want to thank you for the outstanding course on Gene Resources you provided to our fellows and staff scientists yesterday. All of the feedback I received was uniformly positive and enthusiastic. The clarity of your presentation and the enthusiasm you imparted to the class reflects your unique skills as an instructor. In my mind this was the best informational class I have attended in my 25 years at the Clinical Center.

I hope our staff will be able to take advantage of your skills again in the near future. You are a special resource and provide a great service to the staff of the intramural program.

Anthony F. Suffredini, MD
Senior Investigator, Critical Care Medicine Department, Clinical Center

Thanks so much for coming and presenting the course. Everyone in the lab is enthusiastic about the presentation and all feel they benefited from it. We will not hesitate to follow up with further questions as they arise.

J. Fielding Hejtmancik, MD, PhD
Ophthalmic Genetics and Visual Function Branch, National Eye Institute

I liked your bioinformatics mini-courses. In particular, you helped our lab solve “real-world” problems. I have many years of biomedical research experience. I am familiar with many general software programs and research methods but not very familiar with the recently advances of the bioinformatics and useful free software. Your classes provided me with the tools I really need to solve the problems in my research. That is why your mini-courses have many people attending, and all trainees welcome the classes. I will attend all your mini-courses, and recommend them to every PhD researcher at the NIH. I also expect that you will create more mini-course in your list, and more researchers will get benefit from your training.

Zheng-Ming Wang MD, PhD
Laboratory of Molecular Immunology, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Thanks so much for a successful bioinformatics course - our basic scientists learned about many resources that they were not previously aware of and some have expressed an interest in future course offerings. We truly appreciate the fact that we had the opportunity to have this course offered at CDU.

Omolola Ogunyemi, PhD
Director, Center for Biomedical Informatics Associate Professor, Medical Sciences Institute
Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science

Your previous two classes I attended were the best bioinformatics class I have ever taken. You are one of the best instructors I have known.

Sittiporn Pattaradilokrat, PhD
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

The bioinformatics software tools made available through the NIH library include the most current and highly regarded tools available for license today. In addition to offering access to these tools, the NIH research community can also obtain training from expert bioinformatics staff on-hand. Whether you are looking to learn about what tools are available, how to use these tools as a beginner, have questions as an advanced user, or are seeking collaborative help on a research project, the NIH library and staff are an excellent resource and partner to consider.

Kory R. Johnson, PhD, Senior Bioinformatics Scientist
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

…you, personally, have done more for the NIH researcher than anyone on campus. You listen to what people want and need, and you waste no time in taking action.

Cynthia Jaworski, PhD
National Eye Institute

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