NIH Library Training


​​NIH Library offers training on how to effectively find, appraise and manage information using an array of electronic library resources. Topics include how to search the biomedical literature, access online journals, order and receive articles via email, set up a research update service, and use bibliographic management software to manage a personal library collection and format bibliographies.

For a full list of in-person training classes, visit Online training and tutorials are available from this page.


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Online Training TitleEstimated Time
Embase for Biomedical Searching - An Introduction .
Embase Webinars (Vendor site)

EndNote Webinars (Vendor site)

EndNote: Modifying Output Styles
EndNote: Modifying Output Styles

6 Minutes
NCBI Entrez Gene
Entrez Gene (NCBI)

NCBI Entrez Structure
Entrez Structure

NIH Library Catalog
NIH Library Catalog
NIH Library Catalog - Renewing Books

5 minutes
2 minutes

Online Books from the NIH Library
Online Books from the NIH Library

3 minutes
Ordering Books and Articles
NIH Library: Ordering a Document

3 minutes
PubMed, PubMed Central, NIH Manuscript Submission System
PubMed Central (PMC) Manuscript Submission Process

12 minutes
PubMed: Understanding the Basics
PubMed Tutorials and Quick Tours (NLM)

7 minutes
Reference Manager: Managing Your Search Results
Reference Manager 12: Basics
Reference Manager 11: Basics

Research Updates (Alert Services)
ScienceDirect: Setting up Alerts

Science Direct Alerts

Scopus: Understanding the Basics
All Scopus Tutorials (Vendor site)
Performing a Basic Search (Vendor site)
Reviewing Search Results (Vendor site)
Reviewing Documents (Vendor site)
Using the Personalized Features (Vendor site)
Cited Reference Searching (Vendor site)
Author Searching (Vendor site)
Affiliation Searching (Vendor site)

Web of Science: Mining the Literature
Introduction to the New ISI Web of Knowledge (Vendor site)
Search Tips for Web of Science (Vendor site)
Cited Reference Searching (Vendor site)
Citation Report (Vendor site)
Citation Alerting (Vendor site)
Managing Search Results (Vendor site)
Saving Search Histories and Creating Alerts (Vendor site)