NIH Library Training


​​NIH Library offers training on how to effectively find, appraise and manage information using an array of electronic library resources. Topics include how to search the biomedical literature, access online journals, order and receive articles via email, set up a research update service, and use bibliographic management software to manage a personal library collection and format bibliographies.

For a full list of in-person training classes, visit Online training and tutorials are available from this page.


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Training TitleDate
3D Modeling with OpenSCAD2016-06-23
3D Printing with Makerbot Printers2016-05-12
All about APIs: From Access to Practical Uses2016-05-23
Analyzing Research Topics with Sci2 and Gephi2016-05-11
BTRIS Basics for Clinical Researchers - Retrieving and Reporting Data for Active Protocols2016-06-14
EndNote Web: Using EndNote from Anywhere (Webinar)2016-06-06
Gene Resources: From Transcription Factor Binding Sites to Function2016-05-11
GeneSpring 13.12016-05-25
Impact Assessment for Authors 2016-06-28
Introduction to 3D Modeling with Blender2016-06-23
Introduction to 3D Modeling with SOLIDWORKS2016-06-22
Introduction to Image Processing and Machine Learning with Images in MATLAB2016-06-07
Introduction to MATLAB2016-05-09
Introduction to Tableau for Health and Policy Analysts (Webinar)2016-05-25
Introduction to Text Mining with R2016-05-31
Machine Learning with MATLAB2016-05-09
Modeling Proteins for 3D Printing2016-06-20
Percentile Ranking Using Essential Science Indicators (Webinar)2016-05-17
Principles of Data Visualization2016-06-22
PubMed: Understanding the Basics2016-06-09
Sequence Analysis: Making Sense of DNA and Protein Sequences2016-06-08
uPrint 3D Printer Training2016-05-12
Using Tableau for Analyzing Health and Policy Data (Webinar)2016-06-22