NIH Library Services Wired or Wireless Connection

Wired or Wireless Connection

The NIH Library offers wireless access to the campus network for authorized users. Both floors of the Library have connectivity, depending on the location of the user. Signs around the Library and handouts will indicate where the best signals are achieved. Working next to metal shelving and in the corners of a room decreases the strength of the signal. Users with wireless-ready laptops and the appropriate network interface card will be able to communicate on the network within the coverage area. The NIH Library's wireless network is brought to you by the Center for Information Technology (CIT). Any problems you may experience with setup or connectivity can be handled by contacting the NIH Help Desk at 301-496-4357 or

Note: To gain access to the wireless network, you will need to obtain the appropriate NIH SSID and WEP key information from your local IT support or the NIH Help Desk. Visit NIH wireless for more information

The loss or corruption of files is not the responsibility of the NIH Library. Save your work often.