NIH Library Services Translations


Who is Eligible
Translations are provided for all NIH staff holding a current NIH ID with Library privileges.
Services Provided
The Translations Office provides oral and written translations of materials required to carry out NIH programs. These materials range from research publications to letters, diplomas, and other personal documents. Oral translations are conducted in-person.
How to Request a Translation
For each item to be translated, complete form NIH-75, Request for Translating Service:

[PDF 260 KB]  [Word 28 KB]

Submit the completed form and the document(s) to be translated to the Translations Office, Building 10, Room 1L-21.

NIH staff may request one in-house written translation at a time. More than one contracted translation can be processed simultaneously. Determination of the timing and quantity of in-house oral translations is made on a case by case basis. Appointments for oral translations can be made by telephoning 301-496-2257.
Service Charges
In-house translations of personal, work-related official documents (birth certificates, diplomas, passports, etc.) are offered free of charge primarily from French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish into English; translations of certain documents from English into Russian are also prepared free of charge. In-house translations into English of journal articles, reports, etc. are processed in the order received and prepared as time permits. Translations from other languages and into a foreign language from English must be contracted out at a cost. The cost is billed to the requestor’s Institute/Center/Division.

For more information, please telephone 301-496-2257.