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One-on-One Consultation

Often a question arises in the course of research which requires knowledge of computational or database resources. For example, a seemingly simple search, such as finding more information about a gene of interest, can turn into a need to access and understand publicly available microarray or next generation sequencing data. The NIH Library Bioinformatics Program provides consultation services to further research at NIH by solving such problems.

The program staff offers a depth and breadth of experience ranging from understanding the work and needs of a bench scientist to performing sophisticated data analysis and programming. The services also include tutorials for licensed tools provided by the library. Additional resources, such as those publicly available, are also covered.

Past consultations have covered a variety of subjects:

  • Using data from GEO (Gene Expression Omnibus) and SRA (Sequence Read Archive) to augment understanding of gene of interest
  • Taking advantage of the library's licenses for commercially available pathway software to show which differentially expressed genes in particular pathways were unique to each experiment factor
  • Displaying and integrating data using various genome browsers which allow the use of custom tracks

Whether a researcher is seeking advice or information, such consultations are readily available for individuals, labs, or groups. Topics include:

  • DNA analysis
  • Protein analysis
  • Comparison of sequences, both DNA and protein
  • Pathway analysis

Additionally, tutorials are available for any of our tools and resources.

To schedule a tutorial, or to request consultation services, please contact Medha directly at 301-496-2185 or by email.

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