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Online Bioinformatics Tutorials

The page provides links to free on-line bioinformatics tutorials, either generated by the NIH Library or other institutes.

Bioinformatics Tutorial Series (BITS)
A collaboration of the MIT Engineering and Science Libraries and Harvard's Countway Library

Coffee Break: Tutorials for NCBI Tools
A resource at NCBI that combines reports on recent biomedical discoveries with use of NCBI tools.

Entrez Gene Tutorial
This video tutorial shows researchers effective search techniques for gene information using the NCBI Entrez Gene database. This database is a gateway to gene reference sequences from genomes of interest to the NCBI RefSeq group.

NCBI YouTube
Short tutorials on NCBI resources.

Online Lectures on Bioinformatics
This series includes exercises and answers for an in-depth study of classic sequence analysis algorithms.

UCSC Genome Bioinformatics
Getting Help with the UCSC Genome Browser.

Bioinformatics Main