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Title Email Phone
Aragie, Alemayehu 301-594-6476
Bekele, Emewdish 301-594-6298
Belter, Chris Informationist 301-451-5861
Bhagwat, Medha Bioinformationist 301-496-2185
Brandys, Barbara Informationist 301-594-6203
Brown, Brian User Experience Librarian 301-435-4032
Burns, Bridget Information Architect 301-451-5862
Charles, Lonelyss Informationist​ 301-594-6455​
Clark, Cindy  Biomedical Librarian 301-496-2186
Cogdill, Keith Division Director 301-496-2448
Cooper, Diane Informationist 301-594-2449
Davis, MaShana Information Architect 301-594-6470
Doty, Doug Translator 301-496-3542
Duberman, Josh Informationist 301-594-6200
Federer, Lisa Informationist 301-594-6283
Fredriksson, Marcella Systems Librarian 301-594-6473
Gebremichael, Alemzewd
Gottlieb, Harry Reference Assistant 301-594-6288
Hanrahan, Patrick Reference Assistant 301-594-6499
Harrell, Kenisha Purchasing Agent 301-594-6291
Jacob, Rebecca Electronic Resources Management Librarian 301-594-6459
Joubert, Douglas Informationist 301-594-6282
Kavanaugh, Ken Reference Assistant 301-594-6483
Kelley, Charles 301-496-2398
King, Charles Reference Assistant 301-594-6427
King, James Chief, Information Resources and Services Branch 301-496-2187
Kong Sengnak 301-594-1739
Livinski, Alicia Informationsist 301-594-6423
Lu, Ya-Ling Informationist 301-594-6275
Luo, Una Library Technician 301-594-6284
McAllister, Amy Translations 301-594-1098
McDowell, Derek Reference Assistant 301-496-3257
McGlaughlin, Kathleen Communications Librarian 301-594-6201
Nguyen, Khanh
Otterson, Bradley Biomedical Librarian 301-496-2258
Pham, Mary Information Technology Specialist 301-496-1506
Phonthachack, Hine Information Technology Specialist 301-496-2804
​Porter, James Business Specialist 301-594-6431
Riese, Victoria Chief, Education Services Branch 301-496-1157
Santana, Julio 301-594-6456
Scanlon, Lisa Electronic Resources Management Librarian 301-451-5863
Sebakijje, Lena Library Technician 301-496-9241
Sheffield, Cynthia AlzPED Data Curator
Sisay, Thomas 301-402-6461
Smith, Karen Informationist 301-594-6273
Stakes, Karen Head, Information Services 301-496-1158
Sullivan, Brigit Biomedical Librarian 301-594-6449
Tadesse, Kopy
Terry, Nancy Informationist 301-594-6274
Thomas, Joy Management Analyst 301-594-6606
Thompson, Holly Informationist 301-594-6437
Tompkins, Dera Biomedical Librarian 301-496-2707
Valencia, Monica Translator​ 301-496-4652
Walden, Michael Information Technology Specialist 301-435-4033
Walker, Verma Biomedical Librarian 301-435-8459
Washburn, Jason 301-594-6477
Welsh, Judith Informationist 301-594-6211
Young, Lynn Bioinformationist 301-594-6426