NIH Library About Us Address & Key Phone Numbers

Address & Key Phone Numbers

Visitor Information and Directions

Before coming to campus, take a look at Visitor Information to find out about public transportation, driving instructions, entry points, access procedures, security processing, campus shuttle schedules, parking options, maps, etc. 

Visitors must enter the campus via the Gateway Visitor Center next to the Medical Center Metro Station. After exiting the Gateway Visitor Center, you can walk two blocks west to Building 10 or take the Campus Shuttles. Enter Building 10 through the South Entrance. The Library is the only door down the left corridor.

Campus Shuttle Schedule - Get off at Building 10 (South) 
Campus Shuttle Limited Schedule - Get off at Building 10 (South) 

NIH Campus map with guide to NIH Library

Mailing Address

NIH Library
10 Center Drive
Building 10, Room 1L-25, MSC 1150
Bethesda, MD 20892-1150

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Key Phone Numbers

  • Book Renewals 301-496-1080
  • Document Delivery Requests 301-496-4651
  • Information Services 301-496-1080
  • Library Director 301-496-2448
  • Translations 301-496-2257