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Journal and Database Importance Survey for NIH Library

As the NIH Library prepares for potential budget impacts in FY2013, your feedback about the importance of selected journals and databases will be invaluable for the Library in its decision-making process. The titles in this survey account for approximately 20% of the Library’s collection. They have been identified on the basis of frequency of use at NIH and cost.

The journal titles and databases with the highest cost per use are listed under 70 subject categories. We encourage you to provide feedback about titles in any or all subjects.

Please respond with your opinions and feedback about the relative importance to your work of the journal titles and databases listed in this survey.  You will be asked to rate the importance of each title using a 1-5 scale with 5 reflecting the greatest importance. Titles that have low ratings of importance or no responses will remain under consideration for possible impact, depending on the FY2013 budget. The survey will be open until Monday, July 16. 

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact, Keith Cogdill, Director of the Division of Library Services or call (301) 496-2448.

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